Black Army

Black Army can refer to several different groups and affiliations:

  • Black Army of Hungary, the royal army of Matthias Corvinus, a 15th century king of Hungary
  • Black Guards (1917–1919), several anarchist factions of the Russian Civil War
  • Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine (1918–1921) led by Nestor Makhno
  • Black Flag Army (1857–1895), a splinter remnant of the Taiping rebels
  • Armata Neagră (1949–1950), an anti-Soviet group in Bessarabia
  • Crna Legija or Black Legion (1941–1945), Ustaše Brigades during World War II
  • Black Army, the biggest supporter group of AIK

Other articles related to "army, black army":

Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army Of Ukraine - History - Second Repudiation
... offensive against General Wrangel's White Army in the Crimea, Makhno's headquarters staff and several Black Army subordinate commanders arrived at Red Army ... Upon arrival, they were arrested and executed on the spot by a Red Army firing squad the Makhnovist treaty delegation, still in Kharkov, was also arrested and ... years of war, food seizures, reprisals, and outright genocide, no longer flocked to join the Black Army in numbers ...
Black Army Of Hungary - Dissolution of The Black Army
... John was the biggest estate holder in Hungary and had the command over the Black Army, his stepmother, Queen Beatrice of Naples, invited two heirs, the Holy ... No parts of the Black Army were – yet – involved, as their core was stuck in Silesia and Styria ... The Black Army fortified itself in the occupied forts on the western border ...
Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army Of Ukraine - History - Campaign Against Denikin and The White Army
... Makhno and the Ukrainian anarchist Black Army, at first declared 'bandits' and 'outlaws' by the Moscow's Bolshevik government, were welcomed after General Denikin threatened to overrun Moscow in a ... commanders made plans to turn the Black Army east and attack Denikin's White Army and its lines of supply, hoping to break through his lines ... The Black Army had been retreating to the west across Ukraine ...

Famous quotes containing the words army and/or black:

    We should have an army so organized and so officered as to be capable in time of emergency, in cooperation with the National Militia, and under the provision of a proper national volunteer law, rapidly to expand into a force sufficient to resist all probable invasion from abroad and to furnish a respectable expeditionary force if necessary in the maintenance of our traditional American policy which bears the name of President Monroe.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)

    This is the end, the redemption from Wilderness, way for the Wonderer, House sought for All, black handkerchief washed clean by weeping—page beyond Psalm—Last change of mine and Naomi—to God’s perfect Darkness— Death, stay thy phantoms!
    Allen Ginsberg (b. 1926)