Bit Timers

Some articles on timer, bit:

LPC3180 - LPC1000 Series - LPC1100 - LPC1100(X)L
... include the power profiles, a windowed watchdog timer, and a configurable open-drain mode ... Core includes 24-bit SysTick Timer, 2-pin SWD (Serial Wire Debug), 4 breakpoints and 2 watchpoints ... Each chip has a factory-programmed 128-bit unique device identifier number ...
TI MSP430 - Peripherals - Integrated Peripherals
10- and 12-bit Successive Approximation converters, as well as a 16-bit Sigma-Delta converter ... DAC12 The DAC12 module is a 12-bit, voltage-output DAC featuring internal/external reference selection and programmable settling time for optimal power consumption ... It can be configured in 8- or 12-bit mode ...

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