Bishop Hill

Bishop Hill may refer to:

  • Bishop Hill, Illinois, a village in Henry County
    • Bishop Hill State Historic Site, Illinois, site of the former
      • Bishop Hill Colony, a 19th century religious commune
  • Bishop Hills, Texas, a small town near Amarillo, Texas
  • Bishop Hill, a hill in the Lomond Hills in Fife, Scotland
  • Bishop's Hill Wood, Wickwar, South Gloucestershire UK
  • A climate change blog by Andrew Montford

Other articles related to "bishop hill":

Bishop Hill Colony - History - Erik Janson
... Prior to founding the Bishop Hill Colony, Jansson preached to his followers in Sweden about what he considered to be the abominations of the Lutheran Church and ... colonists died from disease on the way to Bishop Hill (named for Eric Jansson's birthplace, Biskopskulla), while others became disillusioned and stayed in New York ... The quarters in Bishop Hill were cold and crowded and food was scarce ...
Bishop Hill Colony
... Bishop Hill Colony is a historic district in Bishop Hill, Illinois ... Bishop Hill was the site of a utopian religious community which operated as a commune ... The community was named Bishop Hill after the parish of Biskopskulla in Uppland, Sweden ...
Scottish Sites of Carlin Stones or Natural Features - Bishop Hill, Perth and Kinross
... It is a rock pillar estimated to be 30 feet (9.1 m) high, on the Western slope of Bishop Hill, overlooking Loch Leven ...

Famous quotes containing the words hill and/or bishop:

    The hill farmer ... always seems to make out somehow with his corn patch, his few vegetables, his rifle, and fishing rod. This self-contained economy creates in the hillman a comparative disinterest in the world’s affairs, along with a disdain of lowland ways. “I don’t go to question the good Lord in his wisdom,” runs the phrasing attributed to a typical mountaineer, “but I jest cain’t see why He put valleys in between the hills.”
    —Administration in the State of Arka, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    Whether they knew or not,
    Goldsmith and Burke, Swift and the Bishop of Cloyne
    All hated Whiggery; but what is Whiggery?
    A levelling, rancorous, rational sort of mind
    That never looked out of the eye of a saint
    Or out of drunkard’s eye.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)