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List Of Reba Characters - Barbra Jean Booker-Hart
... Saleswoman Time Share Saleswoman Intestinal Cleanser Saleswoman Weather Girl Family "Big Daddy"-father Spouse(s) Brock Hart Children Henry Hart Religion Christian "BJ ... by Bryan Callen of MADtv fame) and a father ("Big Daddy") who enjoys drinking and hunting ... Brock is afraid of both "Buzzard" and "Big Daddy" because he knows they don't like him ...
Big Daddy (Bio Shock) - In Video Games
... Introduced to the player through a cutscene early on in the game, the Big Daddies are mentally conditioned armed escorts to the Little Sisters, little girls who gather ADAM from corpses ... The girls in turn interact with the Big Daddy, referring to it as "Mr ... In order to gain higher level powers, the player must kill the Big Daddy escort and recover the ADAM from the Little Sister ...
List Of Kim Possible Characters - Minor Villains - "Big Daddy" Brotherson
... Kim has once commented that if there is any sort of evil deal taking place, Big Daddy will have his fingerprints all over it ... Big Daddy has a weakness for playing mind games with his clients, which he expects them to play along with if they want his help ...
Big Daddy - Other Uses
... Big Daddy (1969 film), 1969 horror film Big Daddy (1999 film), a 1999 comedy film starring Adam Sandler Dylan and Cole Sprouse Big Daddy (album), a 1989 album by John Cougar Mellencamp Big Daddy ... Big Daddy (band), a novelty band who covered 80's 90's songs in 50's 60's style Big Daddy's BBQ Sauce, a food company based in Oklahoma Big Daddy's House, a ...
Big Daddy (Bio Shock)
... A Big Daddy is a fictional character in the BioShock series of video games ... Big Daddies are heavily spliced (genetically mutated and altered) human beings who have had their skin and organs directly grafted into antiqued, heavily-armored ... Alpha series Big Daddies are equipped with any of several other weapons as well ...

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    I am absolutely sure that a lot of Daddy anger has more to do with unrealized dreams than with messy rooms. Trust me. You’re not really angry at your kids. You’re angry at somebody else, somebody who is a far less distinguished person than he dreamed of being.
    Hugh O’Neill (20th century)

    Better to master a small skill than to accumulate a big fortune.
    Chinese proverb.