Beverley Road (BMT Brighton Line)

Beverley Road is a local station on the BMT Brighton Line of the New York City Subway. It is located over a private right-of-way at Beverley Road between Marlborough Road (East 15th Street) and East 16th Street in the neighborhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn. It is served by the Q train at all times.

The original station at this location was opened around 1900 as a two-track street-level side platform station running south from a grade crossing at Beverley Road. The station was established to serve the then-new upscale planned community of Prospect Park South. The current station house and below-grade platforms were completed at the end of 1907, and has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 2004.

This station is spelled with three "e"s, unlike its Nostrand Avenue IRT counterpart, which is spelled with two, reflecting the original spelling of the street's name. The 1907 station-house was the focus of an early 1990s in-house renovation. Sitting on the open-cut portion of the Brighton Line, another gentle curve to the right is at the far north end along with clearly visible platform extensions, allowing passengers to watch trains between Church Avenue and Newkirk Plaza. The station-house features artwork called Garden Stops by Patsy Norvell, which has etched images of leaves on the glass windows inside fare control facing the south. The artwork can be seen from both inside the mezzanine and while standing on either platform to the south. Colors at this station are green and beige.

The northbound platform of Cortelyou Road, the next station south, is less than 600 feet away from Beverley Road's platform. This is the shortest distance between full-time stations in the entire system. It is possible for a full length train to successfully use both platforms for an emergency exit. The first car would be at one station, while the last car would be at the other station, although only the first and last pair of doors of the entire train would open. The stations were placed so close together because the Beverley Road station served Prospect Park South while the Avenue C (Cortelyou Road) station served a business–commercial avenue.

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