Bell Curve

Bell curve may refer to:

  • A Gaussian function, a specific kind of function whose graph is a bell-shaped curve
  • Normal (Gaussian) distribution, whose density function is a Gaussian function
  • The Bell Curve, a 1994 book by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray
  • Bell curve grading, a method of evaluating scholastic performance

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The Bell Curve Debate (book)
... The Bell Curve Debate is a response to The Bell Curve, by Richard J ... The Bell Curve Debate History, Documents, Opinions is edited by University of California, Los Angeles historian Russell Jacoby and writer Naomi Glauberman ... The publisher, Times Books, describes The Bell Curve Debate as a compilation of "the best of recent reviews and essays, and salient documents drawn from the curious history of this heated debate ...
Mainstream Science On Intelligence - Response and Criticism
... was to reply to the public reaction to the social implications of The Bell Curve by summarising conclusions regarded as mainstream among researchers on ... Alderfer (2003) analysed the editorial as one of five responses to The Bell Curve, a book which he viewed as "an attempt to influence both psychological knowledge and U.S ... out of the emotional turmoil that had been generated by publication of the Bell Curve.. ...
Inequality By Design: Cracking The Bell Curve Myth
... Inequality by Design Cracking the Bell Curve Myth is a book by Claude S ... The book is a reply to The Bell Curve by Charles Murray and Richard Hernstein and attempts to show that the arguments in the Bell Curve are flawed, that the ...
History Of The Race And Intelligence Controversy - History - 1980-2000
... by the publication of the book The Bell Curve Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray ... These criticisms were subsequently presented in books, most notably The Bell Curve Debate (1995), Inequality by Design Cracking the Bell Curve Myth (1996) and an expanded edition of Gould's The ... The article, supporting the conclusions of The Bell Curve, was later republished in an expanded version in the journal Intelligence ...

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