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The Honeybee "dance Language" (DL) Controversy - Communication - Trophallaxis - Primer Pheromones
... For more background on this topic, see Pheromone (honey bee) ... that so called primer pheromones play an important part in how a honey bee colony adjusts its distribution of labor most beneficially ... In order to survive as a bee colony of sometimes 50,000 -100,000 individual bees, the communal structure has to be adaptable to seasonal changes and the availability of food ...
Checkerboarding (beekeeping)
... Checkerboarding takes advantage of the bee colony's primary motivation, which is survival as survival of the existing colony takes priority over swarm preparation and swarming ... Bees will not prepare for a reproductive swarm if they perceive the survival of the existing colony might be jeopardized ... The over-wintering colony consumes honey and expands the brood volume ...

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    “Tall tales” were told of the sociability of the Texans, one even going so far as to picture a member of the Austin colony forcing a stranger at the point of a gun to visit him.
    —Administration in the State of Texa, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    Like the bee that now is blown,
    Honey-heavy on my hand,
    From his toppling tansy-throne
    In the green tempestuous land—
    Edmund Blunden (1896–1974)