Beat Scheme

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Ewe Drumming - Cross-rhythmic Structure - 3:2 (hemiola)
... The cycle of two or four beats are the main beat scheme, while the triple beat scheme is secondary ... Ladzekpo states "The term secondary beat scheme refers to a component beat scheme of a cross rhythm other than the main beat scheme ... In a similar manner as a main beat, each secondary beat is distinguished by measuring off a distinct number of pulsations ...
Additive Rhythm And Divisive Rhythm - Sub-Saharan African Rhythm
... patterns are generated by simultaneously dividing a span of musical time by a triple-beat scheme and a duple-beat scheme ... are some selected rhythmic materials or beat schemes that are customarily used ... These beat schemes, in their generic forms, are simple divisions of the same musical period in equal units, producing varying rhythmic densities or motions ...

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