Batter may refer to:

  • Batter (cooking)
  • Batter (baseball)
  • Batter (cricket) or batsman
  • Batter (drum), a part of a snare drum
  • Batter (crime)
  • Batter (tort)

Other articles related to "batter":

Memiljeon - Preparation
... The batter is prepared by mixing buckwheat flour and water to a thin consistency and sometimes a small amount of wheat flour or starch can be added to it because buckwheat itself has less glutinous ... water is ground by millstone and the batter is strained through a sieve ... The filtered batter is cooked on a sodang (소당) which is the lid of a sot (솥, a traditional big pot) and used for pan-frying ...
Mr Fables - Menu - Secret Recipes
... it was still a Kewpee burger dressing/sauce and onion ring batter ... onion ring batter most employee assume that is Drake's batter and water ...
Sunflat Games - Games - PapiBatting
... Tap the batter for swing ... When a ball comes over the batter, tap the area above the batter for JUMP SWING ...
Batter's Eye
... The batter's eye or batter's eye screen is a solid-colored, usually dark area beyond the center field wall of a baseball stadium, that is the visual backdrop directly in the line of sight ... This dark surface allows the batter to see the pitched ball against a sharply contrasted and uncluttered background ... Its primary purpose is the safety of the batter ...