Batman Identity

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Lana Lang - Fictional Character Biography - Modern Age
... some years later, the lonely and depressed Lana deduced his true identity and became something of a stalker, to the extent that Lex Luthor noticed the frequency with which ... However, Lana bravely kept Clark's identity a secret and upon his rescuing her their relationship became more healthy once again, albeit still at a distance ... In Superman/Batman #49, it is revealed that she sold Kryptonite to the government to prevent Lexcorp from going under, and had caches of Kryptonite placed all over the planet, as a last-ditch defense ...
James Gordon (comics) - Gordon and Batman's Identity
... most versions of the mythos, Gordon is ignorant of Batman's identity ... but chooses not to in order to preserve Batman's effectiveness and maintain his own plausible deniability ... In the 1966 Batman film, Gordon explicitly states his desire not to know for such a reason ...

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    There is a terrible blindness in the love that wants only to accommodate. It’s not only to do with omissions and half-truths. It implants a lack of being in the speaker and robs the self of an identity without which it is impossible for one to grow close to another.
    Alexander Theroux (b. 1940)