Bateson is an English language patronymic surname meaning "son of Batte", a medieval diminutive of Bartholomew. It is rare as a given name. People with the surname Bateson include:

Family name
Meaning "son of Batte"
Region of origin Anglo-Saxon
Related names Bates
  • Frank Bateson (1909–2007), New Zealand astronomer
  • Frederick Wilse Bateson (1901–1978), English literary scholar
  • Gregory Bateson (1904–1980), British anthropologist (son of William Bateson)
  • Mary Catherine Bateson (born 1939), U.S. writer and anthropologist (daughter of Gregory Bateson)
  • Patrick Bateson (born 1938), British biologist and science writer
  • Thomas Bateson (c.1570–1630), English madrigal composer
  • Thomas Bateson, 1st Baron Deramore (1819-1890), British Conservative politician
  • Timothy Bateson (1926–2009), British actor
  • William Bateson (1861–1926), British geneticist who coined the term "genetics"

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Stephen Nachmanovitch - Works - Bibliography
... "Gregory Bateson Old Men Ought to be Explorers", Coevolution Quarterly, 1981, Leonardo, 1986, German translation, 1987 ... "Bateson and the Arts," Kybernetes, 2007 ... "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing Bateson's epistemology and the rhythms of life," Ultimate Meaning and Reality, 2008 ...
Charles Bateson
... Charles Bateson (4 August 1903 – 5 July 1974) was a maritime historian, journalist and author ... Charles Henry Bateson was born in Wellington, New Zealand and migrated to Australia in 1922 ...
Systems Theory In Anthropology - System Theory: Gregory Bateson - Influences On Poststructuralism
... Bateson's work influenced major poststructuralist scholars especially Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari ... in Deleuze and Guattari's magnum opus, A Thousand Plateaus, came from Bateson's work on Balinese culture ... They wrote "Gregory Bateson uses the word plateau to designate something very special a continuous, self-vibrating region of intensities whose development avoids any orientation toward ...
Systems Theory In Anthropology - System Theory: Gregory Bateson
... British anthropologist, Gregory Bateson, is the most influential and one of the earliest founders of System Theory in anthropology ... In his collection of essays, The Sacred Unity, Bateson argues that there are “ecological systems, social systems, and the individual organism plus the environment with which ... differences between formalization and process, or crystallization and randomness, Bateson sought to transcend other dualisms–mind versus nature, organism versus environment ...

Famous quotes containing the word bateson:

    Traditionally in American society, men have been trained for both competition and teamwork through sports, while women have been reared to merge their welfare with that of the family, with fewer opportunities for either independence or other team identifications, and fewer challenges to direct competition. In effect, women have been circumscribed within that unit where the benefit of one is most easily believed to be the benefit of all.
    —Mary Catherine Bateson (b. 1939)

    When any relationship is characterized by difference, particularly a disparity in power, there remains a tendency to model it on the parent-child-relationship. Even protectiveness and benevolence toward the poor, toward minorities, and especially toward women have involved equating them with children.
    —Mary Catherine Bateson (20th century)