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Although Basildon is a town situated in Essex, it has been heavily influenced by London and its people in contrast to native Essexmen. This is because Basildon's prime purpose was to house the over spill of London citizens after the Second World War. Thus many of the families in Basildon originate from the London areas, hence being more influence of the City culture. However, during the past few years (2000–2010) many migrant families have moved from London boroughs such as Hackney and Peckham, and settled in Basildon, thus adding to Basildon's growing rate in multi-cultured families and communities. These Communities (only major Communities) range from Polish, Albanian, Romanian, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Jamaican, Indian, Bengali, and more. It is because of these factors that the citizens and people of Basildon speak with a more London influenced accent as opposed to an Essex accent found in towns to the North of the county. Another reason as to why the people of Basildon speak and are influenced by London culture is because a large portion of the citizens living in the Town work in Central London, thus being there regularly. Basildon is also only two stops away from London Zone 6 (Upminster station) via the Fenchurch Street Line from Laindon Station (West Basildon).

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