Base Station

The term base station can be used in the context of land surveying and wireless communications.

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Self-organizing Network - SON Sub-functions - Self-optimization Functions
... The base station parameters can be regularly adjusted, based on both base station and mobile station observations ... A very illustrative use case is the automatic switch-off of a percent of base stations during the night hours ... The neighboring base station would then re-configure their parameters in order to keep the entire area covered by signal ...
Base Station - Media
... A cell tower near Thicketty, South Carolina Two GSM mobile phone base station towers disguised as trees in Dublin, Ireland A base station disguised as a palm tree in Tucson, Arizona Close-up ... dish links the site with the telephone network A professional rack-mount iDEN Base Radio at a Cell Site Trunked systems have groups of base stations configured as repeaters ... The center blocks with frequencies in this trunked block diagram each represent a base station 136–174 MHz US professional base station antenna examples WiMAX ...
MDC-1200 - Status Buttons
... buttons which allow pre-defined status messages to be sent to the base station decoder ... The base station may respond to a button press with a voice acknowledgment, for example, "Downtown 6, available." If the acknowledgment packets are enabled, every status button press gets a handshake packet in ...
Langkawi Cable Car
... Base Station The Base Station is located at the Oriental Village (at the foot hill of the Machincang mountain range) ... From the base, visitors will be taken up to the Machincang range via the Langkawi Cable Car on gondolas giving the visitors views of the ... Middle Station An intermediate Cable Car station on the eastern ridges provides access to the eastern cliffs with its 3 vertical chimneys and the 360-degree views ...
Major Astro
... his space suit, on a set designed to look like a base station on another planet ... Through the Kansas State Network, local TV stations in Great Bend, Kan ... He would then put on his space suit helmet, and walk out the door of his base station, presumably to his waiting space ship,which could be seen during the program ...

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