Bantu may refer to:

  • Bantu languages, constitute a traditional sub-branch of the Niger–Congo languages
  • Black Association for Nationalism Through Unity, a youth activism group in the 1960s
  • Bantu peoples, over 400 peoples of Africa speaking a Bantu language

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Somali And Bantu Migration To Maine - Present Situation - Bantus
... There are about 1,000 Bantu immigrants in Lewiston as of 2012 ... The Somali Bantu Community Mutual Assistance Association of Lewiston/Auburn Maine (SBCMALA) serves the local Bantu community, focusing on housing, employment, literacy and education, health ... Sun Journal also reported a growing number of Bantu recent immigrants earning high school diplomas, with more enrolling in local community colleges ...
Sotho Phonology - Syllable Structure
... Unlike almost all other Bantu languages, Sesotho does not have prenasalized consonants (NC) ... a vowel being elided between two l's *molelo (Proto-Bantu *mu-dido) ⇒ mollo fire (cf Setswana molelo, isiZulu umlilo) *ho lela (Proto-Bantu *-dida) ⇒ ho lla to cry (cf Setswana go lela, isiXhosa ukulila ... elided that prevented coalescence or other phonological processes (Proto-Bantu *g, and sometimes *j) ...
Mbukushu Language
... Mbukushu or Thimbukushu is a Bantu language spoken by 45,000 people along the Okavango River in Namibia, where it is a national language in Botswana in Angola and in Zambia, where it is an ... It appears to be an divergent lineage of Bantu ... Mbukushu is one of several Bantu languages of the Okavango which have click consonants ...
Style (2001 Film) - Plot
... The film revolves round two slap-happy college students, Bantu (Sharman Joshi) and Chantu (Sahil Khan), who stand out in the college for their expertise in ragging and playing pranks, and ... that they are not cut out for a life of struggle and hard work, Bantu comes up with an idea to trick two rich girls into marrying them so that they can spend ... enters the scene, and pretty soon Chantu and Bantu get embroiled in a murder mystery ...