Bane (Forgotten Realms)

Bane (Forgotten Realms)

Bane (/ˈbeɪn/BAYN), also known as the Black Hand and the Black Lord, is the god of hatred, fear, and tyranny and one of the main evil gods in the fictional Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting, Forgotten Realms.

Bane is a Lawful Evil Greater Power whose symbol is green rays squeezed forth from a black fist, and whose divine realm is the Black Bastion in the Barrens of Doom and Despair. His Third Edition D&D domains are Evil, Destruction, Hatred, Law, and Tyranny.

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Bane (Forgotten Realms) - 4th Edition
... In 4th Edition,the only open enemy Banehas is the orc God Gruumsh,who wants to be the only God of War so badly that he literally threw his entire realm of Nishrek against Banes realm of Chernoggar ... In order to keep his realm intact,Bane was forced to fuse the two dimensions together,and the two Gods have been openly at war ever since ... The two are said to have hated each other,but were both disciplined enough to work well together regardless ...

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