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Government and Politics

Before 1983, Badlapur Municipal Council was a separate Gram Panchayat surrounded by twelve villages: - Sonivali, Eranjad, Valivali, Manjarli, Badlapurgaon, Shirgaon, Katrap, Jeweli, Kharvai, Mankivali, Kulgaon, and Belavali.

On 2 October 1983, Badlapur GramPanchayat became a Municipal Corporation as part of Kalyan- Dombivali- Ambernath and Badlapur Municipal Corporation. But the formation of the corporation was geographically improper as Ulhasnagar, which falls in between the said councils, was set aside. So, many a public personalities raised objection and Badlapur and Ambernath Municipal Councils were formed in 1992. According to the 1991 census the population of the Badlapur Municipal Council was approximately 52,000. So, it was declared as B-Class Municipal Council. Badlapur Municipal Council was rewarded by the "Presidential Silver Medal of India" for its commendable efforts and achievements based on 1991 census. After formation of Kulgaon-Badlapur Municipal Council, the first Gadge Baba Cleanliness Mission Award was jointly received by Kulgaon Badlapur Municipal Council and Vasai Municipal Council. K.B.M.C was rewarded with "President Reward of India" for Barrier Free Environment for disabled.

Since first election for local bodies Shivsena wins major seats and ruled most of the years. In 1996, Shivsena won 11 seats, BJP-3, Cong. (United)-5 out of 18 seats. In 2001, shivsena won 9,BJP-6, NCP-8,Cong-1,Out of 24, With the help of BJP They took over the council. In 2006 election Shivsena & BJP both had coalition, this time shivsena got 16 seats and BJP got 10, NCP-6,Cong.2, out of 34 seats, In 2011 elections all parties fought election individually Shivsena won 12 seats,BJP-8 seats, NCP-8 seats, MNS-3 seats,Cong -1, Ind.-1, after election BJP, NCP and MNS united to choose Mayori in 2011. but Shivsena again capture mayor post in 2012 with help of rebelled councilers from MNS, BJP & NCP.

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