Background Material

Some articles on background material:

Kzinti Hegemony - Background Material
... However, the Kzinti were mentioned (if not shown) in a few other episodes and early novels, making them part of the continuity as of the time Star Fleet Battles was being designed ... So the Kzinti were included as an extra enemy of the Klingon Empire ...
Orc (Warhammer) - Physiology
... reproduce asexually, though individuals are always referred to in the background material with the masculine pronoun "he" rather than the neutral "it" ... fact one and the same and that the details of this process as outlined in Warhammer 40,000 background material apply to the Orcs of Warhammer also ... The somewhat comedic background material of Blood Bowl is, in any case, not considered canonical to the Warhammer world proper but instead forms a light-hearted parodic version of it ...

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