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Agni Kai - Series Overview - Season Two (Book Two: Earth)
... pursue the protagonists, who struggle to reach Ba Sing Se, the Earth Kingdom's capital, and tell the Earth King of the eclipse ... of Avatar Kyoshi, who preceded Roku), Azula persuades Ba Sing Se's secret police, the Dai Li, to instigate a revolution, allowing the Fire Nation to capture Ba Sing Se ... him of one of his strongest and most powerful weapons just as Ba Sing Se, the strongest bulwark against Fire Nation conquest, has fallen ...
... His search leads him to Ba Sing Se, the capital of the Earth Kingdom, where he uncovers the great internal government corruption of Ba Sing Se ... At the season's end, Ba Sing Se falls to the Fire Nation and Aang escapes with his friends on a recovered Appa ...
List Of Dystopian Music, TV Programs, And Games - Television
... The city of Ba Sing Se, the capital of the Earth Kingdom (one of the four nations of the fictional world), has a very strict class system ... When the heroes of the show meet Long Feng, the true ruler of Ba-Sing-Se (the king is just a figurehead), he claims that Ba-Sing-Se is the last utopia in the world ...
List Of Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters - Other Characters
... by Aang being chased by pirates, next by a platypus-bear at the Ba Sing Se ferry boat center, and lastly again by Aang within the walls of Ba Sing Se when the zoo animal mass release gets out of control and a ... Aang from the pirates, he shouts "This place is worse than Omashu!", in Ba Sing Se as the rabiroo has lunch, his final speaking part "MY CABB!.. ... Earthbending from him, and in Book 3 wherein he aids Iroh and others to recapture Ba Sing Se from the Fire Nation and when Zuko and the others go looking for Aang and encounter the ...

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