Avalon Hill

Avalon Hill is a game company that specializes in wargames and strategic board games. Its logo contains its initials "AH", and is often referred to by this abbreviation. It has also published the occasional miniature wargaming rules, role-playing game, and had a popular line of sports simulations. It is now a division of the game company Wizards of the Coast, which is itself a subsidiary of Hasbro.

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Solitaire Board Wargame - History
... That same year, Avalon Hill produced B-17, Queen of the Skies, possibly the very first boxed solitaire board wargame ... Nazaire (Avalon Hill, 1987) Tokyo Express (Victory Games, 1988) Open Fire (Victory Games, 1988) Solitaire Advanced Squad Leader (Avalon Hill, 1995) Recently, there have been several downloadable titles ...
Avalon Hill - Location
... Avalon Hill moved its corporate offices to 4517 Harford Road in Baltimore in the 1960s, while maintaining a second address on Read Street, where play-testing was ...
Board Wargame - History - Avalon Hill
... board wargaming industry is generally tied to the name "Avalon Hill" and the publication of Tactics II in 1958, along with Gettysburg, the first board game ... Avalon Hill was subject to a number of bad economic forces around 1961, and quickly ran up a large debt ... In 1963 Avalon Hill was sold to the Monarch Avalon Printing company to settle the debts ...
Board Wargame - History - Malaise
... with mounted full-color boards (something that only Avalon Hill could regularly do), and plenty of small plastic miniatures as game pieces ... Finally, in 1998 Avalon Hill itself was sold to Hasbro ... Hasbro has kept the Avalon Hill name as a brand, and republished a few of its extensive back catalog of games, as well as released new ones, and moved the remnant of the Gamemaster ...
Board Wargame
... The early history of board wargaming was dominated by Avalon Hill, even though other companies, such as SPI, have left their own permanent marks on the industry ... With the purchase of Avalon Hill by Hasbro in 1998, many wargamers long for 'the old Avalon Hill', and no one company is identified with the hobby as a whole ...

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