Automotive Electronics

Automotive electronics are the electronics used in automobiles. This includes body electronics, in car entertainment, carputers, chassis electronics and telematics.

Automotive electronics first began with the need for better controls of the engine. In fact, the first electronic parts in automobiles were used to control various engine functions and were referred to as ECUs (Engine Control Units). However, as electronic controls began to be used for other automotive applications, the acronym ECU took on the more general meaning of “electronic control unit”. Today, specific ECUs are generally referred to as modules . A modern car may have up to 100 electronic control units and a commercial vehicle up to 40.

Automotive electronics or automotive embedded systems are distributed systems and according to different domains in the automotive field they can be classified into:

  1. Engine Electronics
  2. Transmission Electronics
  3. Chassis Electronics
  4. Active Safety
  5. Driver assistance
  6. Passenger Comfort
  7. Infotainment systems

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