Auto Mag (pistol)

Auto Mag (pistol)

The .44 Auto Mag pistol is a large caliber semi-automatic pistol. It was designed between 1966 and 1971 by the Auto Mag Corporation to bring .44 magnum power to a semi-automatic pistol.

The pistols were costly to produce and ammunition was never readily available, leading to the demise of the Auto Mag Corporation by 1982. The pistol's reputation and looks have made it popular in cinema and novels and several versions are listed as "Curios and Relics" by the BATFE.

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Auto Mag (pistol) - The Automag in Popular Culture
... "Big Thunder" in his war against the Mafia In 1983 the Auto Mag pistolpistolwas featured in the fourth Dirty Harry movie, Sudden Impact ... Clint Eastwood's character Harry Callahan uses his.44 Auto Mag pistolpistolto kill Mick the Rapist after Harry loses his Smith Wesson Model 29 revolver in a fist fight ... movie Beverly Hills Cop II featured the.44 AutoMag and the spent cartridge cases as a plot device to locate the Alphabet Bandit ...