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Austrian Jews - History - The Jewish Community in Austria Today
... The current Austrian Jewish population is around 12,000–15,000—most of them living in Vienna and Graz and Salzburg ... In July 1991 the Austrian government recognized its role in the crimes of the Third Reich during World War II ... In 1993, the Austrian government reconstructed the Jewish synagogue in Innsbruck, which was destroyed during Kristallnacht, and in 1994 they reconstructed the Jewish library in Vienna, which ...
Allied Commission - Austria
... The Soviet authorities in Vienna decided to establish a new Austrian government without prior consultation with the other Allied leaders, and on April 27, the Austrian socialist leader Karl Renner formed a ... The British, US and French governments refused at first to recognize the Renner government, and in order to undermine the Soviet move decided to start right away with the proceedings ... However, the Soviet government withheld permission for Allied representatives to enter Vienna during late April to early May, arguing that agreement on partition of Vienna into four occupation zones must be ...
Allied-occupied Austria - Mounting Losses
... Holy Roman Empire Archduchy of Austria Habsburg Monarchy Austrian Empire German Confederation Austria-Hungary World War I Assassination of Franz Ferdinand World War I Interwar years German ... The costs of keeping these troops were levied on the Austrian government ... to pay the whole occupation bill in 1946 occupation costs were capped at 35% of Austrian state expenditures, equally split between the Soviets and ...
Maria Altmann - Background To The Klimt Case
... Czech sugar magnate Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer, owned a small collection of artwork by the Austrian master Gustav Klimt, including two portraits of his wife, Adele Bloch-Bauer ... the Nazis, had asked her husband to leave the Klimts to the Austrian State Gallery, Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, upon his own death a much-debated point in ... of these paintings had made their way into the possession of the Austrian government ...
Polish American History - First Wave of Immigration (1870 - 1914) - Partitions - Austrian
... Polish children in Austrian Galicia were largely uneducated by 1900, 52 percent of all male and 59 percent of all female Galicians over six years of age were illiterates ... Austrian Poles started immigrating from the United States beginning in 1880 ... The Austrian government tightened emigration in the late 1800s, as many young Polish males were eager to leave the mandatory conscription of the Austrian government, and ...

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    Our domestic problems are for the most part economic. We have our enormous debt to pay, and we are paying it. We have the high cost of government to diminish, and we are diminishing it. We have a heavy burden of taxation to reduce, and we are reducing it. But while remarkable progress has been made in these directions, the work is yet far from accomplished.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    The war shook down the Tsardom, an unspeakable abomination, and made an end of the new German Empire and the old Apostolic Austrian one. It ... gave votes and seats in Parliament to women.... But if society can be reformed only by the accidental results of horrible catastrophes ... what hope is there for mankind in them? The war was a horror and everybody is the worse for it.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)