Australis (Latin for southern or of the south) may refer to:

  • Alula Australis, a star system in the constellation Ursa Major
  • Talitha Australis, a binary star in the constellation Ursa Major
  • Tania Australis, a star in the constellation Ursa Major
  • Terra Australis
  • The Aurora Australis, also known as the Southern Lights

In music:

  • Australis (musical project), the new age music project created in 2004 by Oscar Aguayo

In media:

  • Australis Media, a former group participating in the Galaxy television channel

In video games:

  • a type of enemy in the video game Dino Crisis 3

In transportation:

  • SS America (1940), a passenger ship that sailed under the name Australis from 1964 to 1978
  • Australis Motors, an Australian automobile manufactured from 1897 to 1907

In biology:

  • Australis (elm hybrid), a type of tree
Latin binomial abbreviations for species
  • A. australis (disambiguation)
  • B. australis (disambiguation)
  • C. australis (disambiguation)
  • D. australis (disambiguation)
  • E. australis (disambiguation)
  • F. australis (disambiguation)
  • G. australis (disambiguation)
  • H. australis (disambiguation)
  • I. australis (disambiguation)
  • J. australis (disambiguation)
  • K. australis (disambiguation)
  • L. australis (disambiguation)
  • M. australis (disambiguation)
  • N. australis
  • O. australis (disambiguation)
  • P. australis (disambiguation)
  • R. australis (disambiguation)
  • S. australis (disambiguation)
  • T. australis (disambiguation)
  • U. australis (disambiguation)
  • V. australis
  • W. australis
  • X. australis (disambiguation)
  • Z. australis
  • Commelina virginica L. var. australis, a synonym for Commelina erecta

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Australis (musical Project)
... Australis is the name for the Utah based Electronic New Age musical project by multifaceted Peruvian-born composer/producer Oscar Aguayo, although this name is often used to refer ... He named his project "Australis" (which in Latin literally means "from the South") because that word symbolizes his origins and the places where he received his primary musical ...
Sarcochilus - Hybrids
... australis, producing rounder, cherry-red flowers ... Southern Cross (hartmannii x australis) and S. ... Otways Sunset (Fitzhart x australis) ...
Australis (musical Project) - Musical Style
... Under the wider New Age genre, Australis' music styles include Ambient music, World music, Electronic music, Ethnic music, Symphonic music and Soundtrack ... Australis' style is characterized by very rich instrumentation present even in his most simplistic pieces very melodic and clearly defined leads built over solid ... Instrumentally, Australis' music uses the expected electronic synthesizers and samplers, bringing unusual and interesting sound effects to blend with the main musical body ...
The Gates Of Reality - History
... and recorded in Utah, United States, and was released by Australis through the label Essential Noises on November 22, 2008 ... E-dition magazine published an article about Australis in its last issue (#16) before ceasing operations. 23, 2008, the British electronic music online organization Morpheus Music interviewed Australis about the release of this album ...