Aulatornoceras is a genus belonging to the subfamily Aulatornoceratinae, a member of the Goniatitida, an extinct order of shelled cephalopods included in the Ammonoidea. Aulatornoceras, which has been considered a subgenus of Tornoceras has ventro-lateral grooves. As with Tornoceras, the suture forms six lobes. The shell itself is involute.

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Tornoceratidae - Taxonomy
... and Falcitornoceratinae were established by Becker in 1993 Aulatornoceratinae based on Aulatornoceras, named by Schindewolf in 1922 Falcitornoceratinae on ... Aulatornoceras, type for the Aulatornoceratinae was previously considered a subgenus of Tornoceras and is known from the Upper Devonian of North America and Europe ... Aulatornoceras gave rise to Truyolsoceras and Polonoceras, which gave rise to Armatites, Kirsoceras, and Pernoceras, which gave rise to Pseudoclymenia making up the Aulotornoceratidae ...