Athel Loren

Athel Loren

In the fictional Warhammer Fantasy setting by Games Workshop, there are a number of different races and nations. The most important of these feature are individual armies in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle table top game.

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List Of Warhammer Fantasy Characters - Wood Elf
... Arielm, - Queen of Athel Loren ... spirit that blames the Asrai for all of Athel Loren's woes ... Arahanm, - The mysterious Sister-twins of Athel Loren, who can command the forest ...
Wood Elves (Warhammer) - Lords
... Athel Loren has a wide variety of steeds to choose from- a Highborn could ride on anything from a well-trained horse to an enchanted forest dragon Spellweaver The Lord-level Mage is similar to mages in every ... Ancients are the oldest and wisest of the treemen that live in Athel Loren ...
Wood Elves (Warhammer) - Background and History
... later inhabited by men, including the forest of Athel Loren ... this centuries long conflict saw Dwarven forces through Athel Loren, felling trees to fuel their furnaces, and to spite the nature loving Elves ... distant land and, having formed a bond with the woods of Athel Loren, chose to remain ...

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