Assist System

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Honda Insight - Second Generation (2009–) - Honda ECO ASSIST System
... The new Insight is the first Honda hybrid to feature their Ecological Drive Assist System (ECO ASSIST) ... This system is designed to help the driver develop and maintain a fuel-efficient driving style ... The system monitors and displays the positive or negative effect of a driving style on the vehicle’s fuel economy ...
Intelligent Parking Assist System
... Intelligent Parking Assist System (IPAS), also known as the Advanced Parking Guidance System (APGS) for Lexus models in the United States, is the ... The technology assists drivers in parking their vehicle ... The first version of the system was deployed on the Prius Hybrid sold in Japan in 2003 ...
Toyota Corolla (E140) - Asia - Japan
... the Corolla gets Toyota's latest intelligent parking-assist system ... Also, the optional Intelligent Parking Assist system supports steering operations when parallel parking and backing into a parking space ... The Corolla Axio introduced a Pre-Crash Safety System that uses millimeter-wave radar ...
Automotive Electronics - Driver Assistance
... Lane assist system Speed assist system Blind spot detection Park assist System Adaptive Cruise Control System ...

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