Assembler (meaning one that assembles) may refer to:

  • the assembly language, a computer program to translate between lower-level representations of computer programs; it converts basic computer instructions into a pattern of bits which can be easily understood by a computer and the processor can use it to perform its basic operations
  • the assembler (bioinformatics), a program to perform genome assembly
  • the assembler (nanotechnology), a conjectured construction machine that would manipulate and build with individual atoms or molecules
  • the stage name of avant-garde electronic musician Nobukazu Takemura
  • the Assemblers, an alien race in the Star Wars universe

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Atari Assembler Editor - Aftermath - Atari Macro Assembler
... The Atari Macro Assembler (AMAC) and Program-Text Editor was offered by Atari to provide better performance and more powerful features, such as macros ... This disk based assembler came with the software, manuals and reference card ... Although superseded by Atari Macro Assembler (AMAC), the Atari Assembler Editor continued to be used by programmers ...
Cosmos (operating System) - Compiling A Project - Cosmos Assembler
... The Cosmos Project team have also created an assembler that is eventually designed to become the main assembler for the Cosmos system ... However, the assembler is still inefficient and slow, and so the NASM assembler is used instead ...
List Of Star Wars Species (A–E) - Assembler
... The Assembler species is rare and elusive only one specimen, Kud'ar Mub'at, is known to have ventured off its homeworld ... Boba Fett's firsthand account of the Assembler homeworld can be found in the Essential Guide to Alien Species ... The main Assembler form is a large spider-like creature that is mentally linked to smaller versions of itself ...