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Title Debut Ending Notes
6 Ohanahan (おはなはん) 1966 1967 Starring Fumie Kashiyama
11 Mayuko hitori (繭子ひとり) 1971 1972 Starring Karin Yamaguchi. Second highest rated Asadora with an average rating of 47.4%.
12 Ai yori aoku (藍より青く) 1972 1973 Starring Hiroko Maki. Screenplay by Taiichi Yamada. Third highest rated Asadora at 47.3%.
15 Mizuiro no toki (水色の時) 1975 1975 Starring Shinobu Ōtake. The first six-month Asadora. About a young woman aiming to become a doctor. Average rating of 40.1%.
31 Oshin (おしん) 1983 1984 Starring Ayako Kobayashi, Yūko Tanaka, and Nobuko Otowa – Oshin's perseverance pulls her through various challenges during her life. Episode on November 12, 1983 is the highest rated in Japanese television drama history, with 62.9 percent.
34 Miotsukushi (澪つくし) 1985 1985 Starring Yasuko Sawaguchi. Average rating of 44.3%.
36 Hanekonma (はね駒) 1986 1986 Starring Yuki Saito. Average rating of 41.7%.
41 Jun-chan no ōenka (純ちゃんの応援歌) 1988 1989 Starring Tomoko Yamaguchi in her acting debut. Average rating of 38.6%.
48 Hirari (ひらり) 1992 1993 Starring Hikari Ishida. Screenplay by Makiko Uchidate, who is a member of the Japan Sumo Association, and is involved in sumo matters, such as advancing rikishi to the rank of Yokozuna. The storyline evolves around sumo - as the heroine become a nutritionist and works within the sumo system. Average rating of 36.9%.
55 Futarikko (ふたりっこ) 1996 1997 About a female professional shogi player and her twin sister. Starring Hiromi Iwasaki and Maiko Kikuchi, with Kana Mikura and Mana Mikura (ManaKana) playing them as children. Average rating of 29.0%
58 Ten Urara (天うらら) 1998 1998 About a young woman training to be a carpenter who, through her own family situation, learns about the need for a barrier-free world. Starring Risa Sudo.
59 Yanchakure (やんちゃくれ) 1998 1999 About a young woman in Osaka who helps resurrect a ship-building company. Starring Miho Konishi.
60 Suzuran (すずらん) 1999 1999 Follows the life of a woman, raised in a coal town in Hokkaido by a father who worked on the railroad, from the 1920s to the 1930s. Starring Nagiko Tōno and Chieko Baishō.
61 Asuka (あすか) 1999 2000 Asuka learns to become a wagashi maker, even though wagashi is a heavily male-dominated field. Starring Yūko Takeuchi.
62 Watashi no aozora (私の青空) 2000 2000 About a young woman whose fiancé leaves her, pregnant, at the altar. With her son, she leaves for Tsukiji to make it on her own. Starring Tomoko Tabata.
63 Ōdorī (Audrey オードリー) 2000 2001 About a young woman involved in the Japanese film industry in Kyoto. Starring Aya Okamoto.
64 Churasan (ちゅらさん) 2001 2001 The first Asadora set in Okinawa. Starring Ryōko Kuninaka.
65 Honmamon (ほんまもん) 2001 2002 About a young woman striving to become a chef in Wakayama Prefecture. Starring Chizuru Ikewaki.
66 Sakura (さくら) 2002 2002 Sakura Matsushita is a third-generation Japanese-American, living in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her dream is to become an ESL teacher in Japan, and moves there to achieve her dream.
67 Manten (まんてん) 2002 2003 Starring Mao Miyaji. About a woman who studies to be a meteorologist.
68 Kokoro (こころ) 2003 2003 Starring Noriko Nakagoshi. Set in Asakusa, Tokyo.
69 Teruteru Kazoku (てるてる家族) 2003 2004 Starring Satomi Ishihara and based on a novel by Rei Nakanishi. First Asadora to average under 20% in ratings.
70 Tenka (天花) 2004 2004 Starring Ema Fujisawa as a young woman from Sendai, Miyagi
71 Wakaba (わかば) 2004 2005 Starring Natsuki Harada as a young woman who becomes a landscaper
72 Fight (ファイト) 2005 2005 Yuika Motokariya stars as 15-year old Kido Yū, living with her family in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture. Yū faces tough times, and relies on the friendship of a horse to keep her spirits up.
73 Kaze no Haruka (風のハルカ) 2005 2006 Starring Eri Murakawa. Takes place in Yufuin, Ōita Prefecture. Haruka's goal is to become a travel agent, and moves to Osaka, leaving her father and sister behind, to achieve her dream.
74 Junjō Kirari (純情きらり) 2006 2006 Starring Aoi Miyazaki. Sakurako's dream is to become a jazz pianist. Events take place in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture.
75 Imo Tako Nankin (芋たこなんきん) 2006 2007 Based on a true story, Naomi Fujiyama plays the heroine role of Machiko Hanaoka - a 37-year old woman who dreams of becoming a novelist. She marries into an extended family. Events take place in the city of Osaka.
76 Dondo Hare (Perfect Blue Sky) (どんど晴れ) 2007 2007 Stars Manami Higa. Screenplay by Eriko Komatsu. Natsumi marries an heir of a high class ryokan, located in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture. She then becomes the ryokan's okami or manager.
77 Chiritotechin (ちりとてちん) 2007 2008 Starring Shihori Kanjiya. The storyline focuses on the art of rakugo. Kiyomi's dream is to become a rakugoka, despite rakugo being a male-dominated field.
78 Hitomi (瞳) 2008 2008 Starring Nana Eikura. Hitomi's dream is to become a dancer of modern music.
79 Dandan (だんだん?) 2008 2009 Starring identical twins Mana and Kana Mikura (of Futarikko fame.) Finding each years after being separated as children, together they work at reaching their dreams as signers.
80 Tsubasa (つばさ?) 2009 2009 Tsubasa works at a local radio station, and eventually becomes a disc jockey.
81 Wel-kame (ウェルかめ?) 2009 2010 About a girl from Minami-cho, Tokushima who, inspired by seeing a sea turtles when she was six, strives to become a magazine editor. Lowest rated Asadora at 13.5%.
82 Gegege no Nyobo (ゲゲゲの女房) 2010 2010 Starring Nao Matsushita. Fumie is the wife of manga artist Shigeru Mizuki. The screen play and based on her rags to riches biography.
83 Teppan (てっぱん?) 2010 2011 Starring Miori Takimoto and Sumiko Fuji. Akari's natural mother is originally from Osaka. She moves to Osaka to live with her grandmother to learn more about her mother. She learns that her grandmother closed the okonomiyaki restaurant after Akari's teenage mother ran away. Akari then re-opens the restaurant.
84 Ohisama (おひさま) 2011 2011 Starring Mao Inoue. Yoko, the heroine's name, means "child of the sun," thus the title of the series Ohisama, which also meaning sun. Yoko's dream is to become a school teacher. But, she also experiences tough times during the Pacific War.
85 Carnation (カーネーション) 2011 2012 Starring Machiko Ono. Based on the life of famous fashion designer Ayako Koshino. Her three daughter would eventually all become fashion designers.
86 Umechan Sensei (梅ちゃん先生) 2012 2012 Starring Maki Horikita, who plays a young woman striving to become a physician in post-World War II Tokyo.
87 Jun to Ai (純と愛) 2012 2013 Starring Natsuna

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