Arterial Blood

  • (noun): Blood found in arteries.
    Example: "Except for the pulmonary artery the arterial blood is rich in oxygen"

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Venous Blood
... Venous blood is deoxygenated blood in the circulatory system ... Deoxygenated blood is then pumped by the heart to lungs via the pulmonary arteries, one of the few arteries in the body that carries deoxygenated blood (the pulmonary veins likewise return the newly ... Venous blood is typically warmer than arterial blood, and has a lower oxygen content and pH ...
Breathalyzer - Common Sources of Error - Testing During Absorptive Phase
... In other words, some parts of the body will have a higher blood alcohol content (BAC) than others ... absorption is complete is that the BAC in arterial blood will be higher than in venous blood ... Laws generally require blood samples to be venous ...
Radial Artery Puncture
... artery puncture is a medical procedure that is performed in order to obtain arterial blood sampling for gas analysis ... radial artery and spontaneously fills with blood ... commonly radial artery puncture is performed in order to obtain arterial blood sampling for gas analysis ...
Cardiac Input - Measuring Cardiac Output - The Fick Principle
... at which oxygen is consumed is a function of the rate of blood flows and the rate of oxygen picked up by the red blood cells ... over a given period of time from measurement of the oxygen concentration of the venous blood and the arterial blood ... and a CO2 absorber the oxygen content of blood taken from the pulmonary artery (representing mixed venous blood) the oxygen content of blood from a cannula in a peripheral artery (represen ...

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    But since Thy loud-tongu’d Blood demands Supplies,
    More from BriareusHands, than Argus Eyes,
    I’ll tune Thy Elegies to Trumpet-sounds,
    And write Thy Epitaph in Blood and Wounds!
    —James Graham Marquess of Montrose (1612–1650)