Art Therapy

Because of its dual origins in art and psychotherapy, art therapy definitions vary. It can either focus on dealing with the art-making process as therapeutic in and of itself ("art as therapy") or “art in therapy” (art psychotherapy). The psychoanalytic approach was the earliest form of art psychotherapy. This approach employs the transference process between the therapist and the client who makes art. The therapist interprets the client's symbolic self-expression, as communicated in the art, and elicits interpretations from the client.” Analysis of transference is no longer always a component. Current art therapy includes a vast number of other approaches such as: Person-Centered, Cognitive, Behavior, Gestalt, Narrative, Adlerian, Family (Systems) and more. The tenets of art therapy involve humanism, creativity, reconciling emotional conflicts, fostering self awareness, and personal growth.

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... It was during this time that he became interested in art therapy when he was commissioned illustrate Lional Penroses's psychiatric 'M' test. 1947, while working at Westminster Veterans Hospital in London, he began giving art instruction to some to the psychiatric patients ... positive results of this eventually afforded him the position of Psychiatric Art Therapist ...
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