Array Surface

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DNA Microarray - Uses and Types - Spotted Vs. in Situ Synthesised Arrays
... micromirror devices, ink-jet printing, or electrochemistry on microelectrode arrays ... The probes are synthesized prior to deposition on the array surface and are then "spotted" onto glass ... A common approach utilizes an array of fine pins or needles controlled by a robotic arm that is dipped into wells containing DNA probes and then depositing each probe at ...

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    In Manhattan, every flat surface is a potential stage and every inattentive waiter an unemployed, possibly unemployable, actor.
    Quentin Crisp (b. 1908)

    Any one who knows what the worth of family affection is among the lower classes, and who has seen the array of little portraits stuck over a labourer’s fireplace ... will perhaps feel with me that in counteracting the tendencies, social and industrial, which every day are sapping the healthier family affections, the sixpenny photograph is doing more for the poor than all the philanthropists in the world.
    Macmillan’s Magazine (London, September 1871)