Army Group Centre

Army Group Centre (German: Heeresgruppe Mitte) was the name of two distinct German strategic army groups that fought on the Eastern Front in World War II. The first Army Group Centre was created on 22 June 1941, as one of three German Army formations assigned to the invasion of the Soviet Union (Operation Barbarossa). On 25 January 1945, after it was encircled in the Königsberg pocket, Army Group Centre was renamed Army Group North (Heeresgruppe Nord), and Army Group A (Heeresgruppe A) became Army Group Centre. The latter formation retained its name until the end of the war in Europe.

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Soviet–German War - Conduct of Operations - Operation Barbarossa: Summer 1941
... Army Group North's objective was Leningrad via the Baltic States ... Comprising the 16th and 18th Armies and the 4th Panzer Group, this formation advanced through Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and the Russian Pskov and Novgorod regions ... Army Group Centre's two panzer groups (2nd and 3rd), advanced to the north and south of Brest-Litovsk and converged east of Minsk, followed by the 2nd, 4th, and 9th Armies ...
Soviet–German War - Conduct of Operations - January–March 1945
... Over three days, on a broad front incorporating four army fronts, the Red Army began an offensive across the Narew River and from Warsaw ... After four days the Red Army broke out and started moving thirty to forty kilometres a day, taking the Baltic states, Danzig, East Prussia, Pozna ... the full course of the Vistula–Oder operation (23 days), the Red Army forces sustained 194,191 total casualties (killed, wounded and missing) and lost 1,267 tanks and assault guns ...
Georg-Hans Reinhardt - Biography
1934 Reinhardt was promoted to Colonel and soon after to Major General in the German army ... His force led the advance of Army Group North to the outskirts of Leningrad in October ... On October 5 he was given command of Third Panzer Army in Army Group Centre ...
33rd Waffen Grenadier Division Of The SS Charlemagne (1st French) - Defence of Berlin
... and conduct a delaying action against the approaching Soviet Army ... Given that Neukölln was heavily penetrated by Soviet combat groups, Krukenberg prepared fallback positions for Sector C defenders around Hermannplatz ... one-hundred Hitler Youth attached to their group destroyed 14 Soviet tanks with panzerfausts, and one machine gun position by the Halensee bridge managed to hold up any Soviet advances in that ...
Army Group Centre - Campaign and Operational History - Surrender
... On 7 May, the day that German Chief-of-Staff General Alfred Jodl was negotiating surrender of all German forces at SHAEF, the last that the German Armed Forces High Command (AFHC) had heard from Schörner was on 2 May ... He had reported that he intended to fight his way west and surrender his army group to the Americans ...

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