Armoured Train

An armoured train is a railway train protected with armour. They are usually equipped with railroad cars armed with artillery and machine guns. They were mostly used during the late 19th and early 20th century, when they offered an innovative way to quickly move large amounts of firepower. Their use was discontinued in most countries when road vehicles became much more powerful and offered more flexibility, and because armoured trains were too vulnerable to track sabotage as well as attacks from the air. However, the Russian Federation used improvised armoured trains in the Second Chechen War in the late 1990s and 2000s.

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Bartosz Głowacki (armoured Train)
... Armoured Train Bartosz Glowacki, also called Armoured Train number 55 was a Polish Army Armoured train, used during the Polish-Soviet War and the Polish September Campaign ... After withdrawal southwards, to Lwów, the train was destroyed by the Luftwaffe on 19 September 1939 ...
History Of Rail Transport In Finland - Rail Transport in The Republic of Finland (1919-1995) - Second World War
... the Winter War the Finnish forces again used armoured trains ... Two trains were fielded, both dating to the World War I era ... The Armoured Train No.1 (Finnish Ps.Juna 1 abbr ...
Siege Of Kimberley - Siege
... Some civilians left in a special train, escorted as far as Vryburg by an armoured train ... On the return journey, the armoured train was captured in the first action of the war between Kimberley and Mafeking at Kraaipan by Boers under the command of ... They manufactured fortifications, an armoured train, a watch tower, shells, and a gun, known as Long Cecil, for the defenders in order to supplement their ...
Lithuanian Army (1922) - The Army - Armoured Formations
... Armoured cars squadron ... It was 1 Fiat-Izhorsky armoured car ("Žaibas", 2 mgs) captured from bolsheviks, 5 Erhart-Daimler (4 got by Entente control commission and 1 captured as war booty from Bermontians, 4 mgs) ... "Aras"(“Eagle”), "Perkūnas"("Thunderer") armoured cars ...
Armoured Train - Armoured Tram
... Armoured trams also existed, although apparently not purpose-built as some of the armoured trains ... The just-formed Red Army used at least one armoured tram during the fighting for Moscow in the October Revolution in 1917 ... The Slovak National Uprising, more well known for its armoured trains described above, also used at least one makeshift example ...

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