Arable ( /ˈærəbəl/) relates to the growing of crops:

  • Arable farming or agronomy, the cultivation of field crops
  • Arable land, land upon which crops are cultivated
  • Arable crops program, a consolidated support system operated under the EU Common Agricultural Policy.
  • Fivehead Arable Fields, a Site of Special Scientific Interest in Somerset, England.

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Agricultural Land
... components, with their respective global land area in 2009 Arable land (13,812,040 km²) - land under annual crops, such as cereals, cotton, other technical crops, potatoes, vegetables, and melons also includes ... The first two components — arable land and land in permanent crops — constitute so-called cultivable land ... The part of arable land actually under crops is called sown land or cropped land ...
Agriculture In Bulgaria - Early Collectivization Campaigns
... By 1947, only 3.8 percent of arable land had been collectivized ... most small farmers had joined collectives, by 1949, only 12 percent of arable land was under state control — mainly because the collectivization program ... Sixty-one percent of arable land had been collectivized by 1952 ...
Charlotte's Web (1973 Film) - Voice Cast
... Arable Bob Holt as Homer Zuckerman Pamelyn Ferdin as Fern Arable John Stephenson as John Arable William B ... White as Henry Fussy Agnes Moorehead as the Goose Danny Bonaduce as Avery Arable Dave Madden as the Ram and others Debbie Reynolds as Charlotte A ...
Collectivization In The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic - Policy of Collectivization - Clarified “All-over Collectivization”
... “100%”, but not less than 68–70% of peasants households and not less than 75-80% of arable lands ... Caucasus (Kuban) - 88% of households and 92% of arable lands “collectivized”, Ukraine (South) – 85 and 94 percents respectively, Ukraine (Right Bank) – 69 and 80 percents respectively, and Moldavian ... of October 1931, the collectivization of 68.0% of peasant households, and 72.0% of arable land was complete ...
Common Land - Varieties - Arable and Haymeadow Commons
... In earlier times, arable farming and haymaking were also included in the commons system, with strips of land in the common arable fields and common haymeadows assigned annually ... Examples include the common arable fields around the village of Laxton in Nottinghamshire, and a common meadow at North Meadow, Cricklade ...