Aqm or AQM may refer to:

  • Active queue management, a technique for Internet routers that consists in dropping or marking packets before its queue is full
  • Ad-hoc QoS multicast, a Quality of Service aware multicast routing protocol designed for mobile ad hoc networks
  • Air quality management, principles to reduce air pollutant emissions to acceptable levels
  • Al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb, a radical Islamist militia which aims to overthrow the Algerian government and institute an Islamic state
  • AQM missiles, various missiles and drones from the United States
  • Association québécoise des marionnettistes

Other articles related to "aqm":

Active Queue Management - Queue Management - Drawbacks of AQM
... Early AQM disciplines (notably RED and SRED) require careful tuning of their parameters in order to provide good performance ... Modern AQM disciplines (ARED, Blue, PI) are self-tuning, and can be run with their default parameters in most or all circumstances ... For AQM systems that drop packets (rather than using ECN marking), the result seems counter-intuitive to many network engineers "Why should I drop perfectly good packets when I still have free buffer ...
Ad-hoc Qo S Multicast
... Ad-hoc QoS multicast (AQM) is a quality of service (QoS)-aware multicast routing protocol designed for mobile ad hoc networks ... Using these features, AQM nodes make their decisions on joining a new multicast session based on the sustainability of their perceived QoS ... To cope with the continuous nature of streaming multimedia, AQM nodes check the availability of bandwidth within their neighbourhood not only for themselves but along a virtual tunnel of nodes ...
Signals Intelligence In The Cold War - 1960s - Drones Evolve Further and The Impact of The EC-121 Shootdown
... was then designated the BQM-34A, which resulted in the Firebee Model 147A, to be designated the AQM-34 ... A major advance for high-risk IMINT and SIGINT missions was the high-altitude AQM-34N COMPASS DAWN, which flew as high as 70,000 feet (21,000 m) and had a range over 2,400 miles (3,900 km) ... AQM-34N's flew 138 missions between March 1967 and July 1971, and 67% were parachute-recovered with the new Mid-Air Retrieval System, which used a helicopter to grab the parachute cable in mid-air ...
Ryan Model 147 - Development - Post-Vietnam Use
... A handful of Model 147SC / AQM-34L drones were fitted with upgraded avionics in 1972 and redesignated YAQM-34U, and would later become BGM-34C multi-purpo ... In the late 1970s, a number of 147NC AQM-34H/AQM-34J drones were converted to an improved countermeasures specification, with both chaff dispensers and active jamming gear ...