Appointed Vicar Apostolic

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Bishop Of Clogher - Post-Reformation Bishops - Roman Catholic Succession
... of Clogher From Until Incumbent Notes 1546 c.1560 Raymund MacMahon Appointed on 27 August 1546 died in office. 1560 c.1592 Cornelius MacArdel Appointed on 29 May 1560 died in office. 1609 ... See vacant 1611 ... Eugene Matthews Appointed on 31 August 1609 translated to Dublin on 2 May 1611 ...
Bishop Of Down And Connor - Lists of Bishops - Post-Reformation Roman Catholic Bishops
... Until Incumbent Notes 1539 ... Robert Blyth OSB Appointed 16 April 1520 deposed by Pope Paul III in 1539 when he accepted royal supremacy died 1547. 1559 ... Eugene Magennis Appointed 16 June 1539 accepted royal supremacy in 1541, but remained in possession of the see during the reign of Queen Mary I died c. 1559–63. 1580 ... Miler Magrath OFM Appointed 12 October 1565 accepted royal supremacy in 1567 in 14 March 1580 that he was deposed from the see by Pope Gregory XIII ...

Famous quotes containing the words appointed and/or vicar:

    The meeting, in spite of my attempt to decline it, appointed me one of the delegates, so that in getting Baker the nomination, I shall be “fixed” a good deal like a fellow who is made groomsman to the man what has cut him out, and is marrying his own dear “gal.”
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    And this is law, I will maintain,
    Until my dying day, Sir,
    That whatsoever king shall reign,
    I’ll be the Vicar of Bray, Sir.
    —Unknown. The Vicar of Bray (l. 9–12)