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Apple Earbuds - History - Basic Earbuds
... They ship with all iPods except the third-generation iPod shuffle, iPod touch and iPod nano which are shipped with the newer Apple EarPods made in Taiwan rather than Japan ...
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Breakthrough
... Not long after that, the track "Around The Bend" was chosen by Apple to be used in the new iPod Touch commercial to be aired worldwide from December 2008 ... the world before fame came calling thanks to Amy Winehouse and the iPod family ... B-52's-flavored, retro-party single was featured in a television commercial for Apple's iPod Touch MP3 player ...
Timeline of IPod Models
... See also Timeline of full-sized iPod models and Timeline of compact iPod models Sources Apple press release library, Mactracker Apple Inc ...
... Musika is a music video game created for the iPod by Masaya Matsuura (of Parappa the Rapper and Vib-Ribbon fame) ... Musika was created exclusively for the iPod click wheel interface and is considered similar in format to the rhythm game, Phase, also for iPod ... that his decision to make the game for the iPod was a simple decision because "any years ago Apple's tools first opened eyes to the power of music and ...
The Perfect Thing
... The Perfect Thing How the iPod Shuffles Commerce, Culture, and Coolness is a book written by Steven Levy, an American journalist ... It covers the growth of the idea of Apple's very own iPod, from its origins before its introduction in 2001 to its development to the iPod Nano and the fifth-generation video iPod ...

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