Apple IIe

The Apple IIe (styled as Apple //e) is the third model in the Apple II series of personal computers produced by Apple Computer. The e in the name stands for enhanced, referring to the fact that several popular features were now built-in that were only available as upgrades and add-ons in earlier models. It also improved upon expandability and added a few new features, which, all combined, made it very attractive to first-time computer shoppers as a general-purpose machine. The Apple IIe has the distinction of being the longest-lived computer in Apple's history, having been manufactured and sold for nearly 11 years with relatively few changes.

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Commodore 64 - History - Winning The Market War
... the Atari 8-bit 400 and 800, and the Apple II ... The latest revision in the aging Apple II line, the Apple IIe, had higher resolution graphics modes than the C64 ... Upgrade capability for the Apple II was granted by internal expansion slots, while the C64 had only a single external ROM cartridge port for bus expansion ...
Timeline Of Apple II Family - Text Timeline
... The Apple Lisa does not support Apple II software, but shares common hardware ... The Apple IIe Card requires a Macintosh LC for operation ... The Apple I and Apple III both run Apple II software natively, classifying them as Apple II family computers except in name for the purposes of this ...
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... The Apple IIe was used by several rock bands for album and music video graphics ... Yes used an Apple IIe to create the cover of their 90125 album ... their self-titled debut EP logo on an Apple IIe ...
Apple II Peripheral Cards
... The Apple II line of computers supported a number of Apple II peripheral cards, expansion cards which plugged into slots on the motherboard, and added to and extended the ... All Apple II models except the Apple IIc had at least seven 50-pin expansion slots, labeled Slots 1 though 7 ... Slot 3 in an Apple IIe that has a 80-column card fitted (which is usually the case) and Slots 1 through 6 in a normally configured Apple IIgs are "virtually" filled with on-board devices ...
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... Although not an extension of the Apple II line, in 1990 the Apple IIe Card, an expansion card for the LC line of Macintosh computers, was released ... Essentially a miniaturized Apple IIe computer on a card (using the Mega II chip from the Apple II), it allowed the Macintosh to run 8-bit Apple IIe ... could be "borrowed" by the card when in Apple II mode (i.e ...

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