Apple IIc

The Apple IIc, the fourth model in the Apple II series of personal computers, was Apple Computer’s first endeavor to produce a portable computer. The result was a 7.5 lb (3.4 kg) notebook-sized version of the Apple II that could be transported from place to place. The c in the name stood for compact, referring to the fact it was essentially a complete Apple II computer setup (minus display and power supply) squeezed into a small notebook-sized housing. While sporting a built-in floppy drive and new rear peripheral expansion ports integrated onto the main logic board, it lacked the internal expansion slots and direct motherboard access of earlier Apple IIs, making it a closed system like the Macintosh. However, that was the intended direction for this model — a more appliance-like machine, ready to use out of the box, requiring no technical know-how or experience to hook up and therefore attractive to first-time users.

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Apple IIc Plus
... The Apple IIc Plus is the sixth and final model in the Apple II line of personal computers, produced by Apple Computer ... a reference to the additional features it offered over the original portable Apple IIc, such as greater storage capacity (a built-in 3.5-inch floppy drive replacing ... In a notable change of direction, the Apple IIc Plus, for the most part, did not introduce new technology or any further evolutionary contributions to the Apple II series, instead merely integrating ...
Apple IIc Plus - History
... The Apple IIc Plus was introduced on September 16, 1988 at the AppleFest conference in San Francisco, with less fanfare than the Apple IIc had received four years earlier ... Described as a little more than a "turbocharged version of the IIc with a high-capacity 3½ disk drive" by one magazine review of the time, some users were disappointed ... Many IIc users already had add-ons giving them something rather close to what the new model offered ...
Apple IIc - Add-on Accessories - Timeline of Apple II Family Models
... See also Timeline of Apple II family See also Timeline of Macintosh models and Timeline of Apple Inc ...
8-bit Apple II Accelerators - Apple IIc Plus Motherboard "Hack"
... Platform Apple IIc Plus Form Factor Motherboard modification Speed 8 - 10+ MHz Cache 8 KB DMA compatible N/A Upgradeable Yes Apple Computer licensed the ... enabled the computer to run 4 times faster than its 1 MHz predecessor, the Apple IIc ... may have caused overhead clearance problems as well as added cost to the compact Apple IIc Plus, Apple economically separated the Zip Chip design into its individual components, using off the shelf static RAM chips ...
Apple II Family - Models - Apple IIc Plus
... The final Apple II model was the Apple IIc Plus introduced in 1988 ... It was the same size and shape as the IIc that came before it, but the 5.25-inch floppy drive had been replaced with a 3½-inch drive, the power supply was moved inside (gone was the IIc's "brick on a ... go as fast as 10 MHz, and II accelerators would eventually reach 16 MHz.) The IIc Plus's accelerator was derived from a design licensed from Zip Technologies, a third-party maker of ...

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