Apple Displays

Apple Displays

Apple Inc. currently sells LCD computer displays; a wide variety of CRT computer displays have been sold in the past.

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Apple Displays - Connectors
... Apple has employed a large number of display connector designs over the years Original DA-15 (commonly but incorrectly known as a DB-15) used on all desktop Macs without a built in ... Microsystems machines) used on the Macintosh Portrait Display A non-standard "mini-15" connector used on early PowerBooks which allowed an Apple monitor to be attached via a short adaptor cable ... Apple MultiMedia Display connector (HDI-45) used on some "AV" model Centris, Quadra and the first-generation (NuBus) Power Macintosh machines ...
Computer Display Standard - Standards
... VESA group has co-ordinated the efforts of several leading video display adapter manufacturers ... most manufacturers moved over to PC display standards thanks to widely available and affordable hardware) ... Table of computer display standards Video standard Full name Description Display resolution (pixels) Aspect ratio Color depth (2^bpp colors) QQVGA Quarter Quarter Video Graphics ...

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