Apostolic Church-Ordinance

The Apostolic Church-Ordinance (or Apostolic Church-Order, Apostolic Church-Directory or Constitutio Ecclesiastica Apostolorum) is a Christian treatise which belongs to genre of the Church Orders. The work can be dated at the end of 3rd century CE. The provenience is usually regarded as Egypt, or perhaps Syria. The author is unknown.

This text served as a law-code for the Egyptian, Ethiopian, and Arabian churches, and it superseded in authority and esteem the Didache, under which name it sometimes went.

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... The names of the Apostles are so listed John, Matthew, Peter, Andrew, Philip, Simon, James, Nathanael, Thomas, Cephas, Bartholomew and Judas ... The presence of both Peter and Cephas, and the first place given to John, is found also in the more ancient Epistula Apostolorum ...