Apical, from the Latin apex (plural apices) meaning to be at the apex or tip, may refer to:

  • Apical (anatomy), an anatomical term of location for features located opposite the base of an organism or structure
  • Apical consonant, a consonant produced with the tip of the tongue
  • Apical dendrite, a type of dendrite found on pyramidal neurons
  • Apical dominance
  • Apical membrane, a cell biology term
  • Apical pulse, the heart rate when measured with a stethoscope placed over the heart
  • Apical direction, a term used in reference to a tooth
  • Apical (chemistry), a position in certain molecular geometries in chemistry.
  • Apical whorls of the shells of gastropods or snails, the whorls at the tip of the spire, near the apex (mollusc)
  • Tip of a seed, from which the epicotyl emerges

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... the Spitzenkörper and Woronin bodies are found in the apical region near the Spitzenkörper ... shell around the latter, and the entire formation is called the Spitzenkorper or ‘apical body’ ... and the vesicles are instead distributed more loosely in the apical dome ...
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... biologic mediators that have been implicated in promoting apical resorption ... and reviewed, and their importance in the pathogenesis of apical periodontitis is obvious ... have been found to be nearly five times higher in lesions of apical periodontitis than in uninflamed oral mucosa ...
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... The dictionary definition of apical at Wiktionary At or belonging to an apex, tip, or summit ...
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