In Greek mythology, Antiphus or Ántiphos (Ἄντιφος) is a name attributed to multiple individuals:

  • Antiphus, one of the 50 sons of Priam, and son of Hecuba. During the Trojan War, he was killed by Agamemnon.
  • Antiphus, son of Aegyptius, was a Greek commander who sailed from Troy with Odysseus. Having previously escaped death at the hand of Eurypylus (son of Telephus), he was devoured by Polyphemus.
  • Antiphus, son of Thessalus, the son of Heracles, and Chalciope. With his brother Pheidippus, Antiphus lead the forces of Calydnae, Cos, Carpathus, Casus and Nisyrus on the side of the Greeks against Troy. He was also believed to have invaded a region of Greece that he named Thessaly after his father.
  • Antiphus, son of Myrmidon and Peisidice, brother of Actor.
  • Antiphus, an old friend of the house of Odysseus.
  • Antiphus, son of Heracles and Laothoe, daughter of Thespius.
  • Antiphus of Maeonia, son of Talaemenes and brother of Mesthles; both he and his brother were allies of Priam in the Trojan War.
  • Antiphus, a defender of Thebes against the Seven, was killed by Amphiaraus and Apollo

The name Antiphus is not to be confused with Antiphōs (Ἀντίφως), which refers to a soldier in the army of the Seven Against Thebes who killed Chromis but was himself killed by Hypseus.