Anthropomorphic Male

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Kaze, Ghost Warrior - Characters
... Bay (anthropomorphic cheetah?) whose gender was not identified in Kaze, Ghost Warrior (and Timothy Albee has stated he does not know 'Bay's gender) Hanekaeru (anthro ... Kaze (anthropomorphic male tiger) A heroic swordman who was in love with Bay and supposedly died but returned from the grave ... Koten (anthropomorphic male fox) One of Lord Soshi's Enforcers serving under Yashin, he is a swordsmen who wisely resheathes his sword and bows to Kaze in forfeit in the ...
James And The Giant Peach - Characters
... granted, however, in the form of the magical, anthropomorphic insects he meets in the giant peach ... The Centipede - An anthropomorphic male centipede, depicted as a boisterous rascal with a good heart, he is perhaps James' closest friend among the insects, taking an almost ... The Earthworm - An anthropomorphic male earthworm who hates the Centipede ...

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