Anime Insider

Anime Insider was a monthly magazine published by Wizard Entertainment, consisting of news and entertainment pieces relating to the Japanese anime and manga subculture.

In its earliest incarnation it was published from Fall 2001 till Fall 2002 as a series of quarterly specials under the title Anime Invasion, then became a bi-monthly magazine in November 2002, and was renamed Anime Insider in April 2003.

The magazine was changed to a monthly release schedule in July 2005, which remained its current cycle until it ceased publication in 2009.

While containing informative features, such as interviews or exclusive reporting, articles dedicated to satire or humor were often also included. A trademark feature in Wizard Entertainment publications, word bubbles were added to printed pictures.

The magazine dropped its cover price in winter 2007 to $4.99 for the U.S. and $5.99 for Canada, and - with the demise of Newtype USA in February 2008 - was cited as the English-language anime magazine with the highest distribution and sales across North America.