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Worm Charming - Animal Behaviour
... Worm charming is a behaviour also observed in the animal kingdom, especially among birds ... as it is known to stamp its feet - a behaviour that attracts worms to the surface and allows the turtle to prey on them ...
Ethology - Relationship With Comparative Psychology
... Comparative psychology also studies animal behaviour, but, as opposed to ethology, is construed as a sub-topic of psychology rather than as one of biology ... Historically, where comparative psychology researches animal behaviour in the context of what is known about human psychology, ethology researches ... comparative psychologists concentrated on the study of learning and tended to research behaviour in artificial situations, whereas early ethologists ...
Orchi - Veterinary Practice
... is commonly performed on domestic animals not intended for breeding ... Domestic animals are usually castrated to avoid unwanted or uncontrolled reproduction to reduce or prevent other manifestations of sexual behaviour such as territorial behaviour or aggression (e.g ... groups of entire (uncastrated) males of a species) or to reduce other consequences of sexual behaviour that may make animal husbandry more difficult, such as boundary/fence ...

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    I look on it as no trifling effort of female strength to withstand the artful and ardent solicitations of a man that is thoroughly master of our hearts. Should we in the conflict come off victorious, it hardly pays us for the pain we suffer from the experiment ... and I still persist in it that such a behaviour in any man I love would rob me of that most pleasing thought, namely, the obligation I have to him for not making such a trial.
    Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)

    Afflicted with existence, each man endures like an animal the consequences which proceed from it. Thus, in a world where everything is detestable, hatred becomes huger than the world and, having transcended its object, cancels itself out.
    E.M. Cioran (b. 1911)