Ancestor Veneration

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Finnish Paganism - Soul, Death, and The Afterlife - Ancestor Veneration
... People were afraid of ghosts, but spirits of ancestors could also help his/her living relatives, and they were asked to help ... Places where sacrifices were given to ancestors were called Hiisi ( = sacred forest, also a kind of open air temple, often included the Offering-stone, uhrikivi, collective monument for the dead of the family) ...
Neo-Druidism - Beliefs - Ancestor Veneration
... Respect for the ancestors is another core belief for some Druids ... This idea of respect for ancestors, or ancestor worship, is common in pagan folk religions ... and Reconstructionists agree that knowing as much as possible about the lives of our ancestors and preserving national or tribal heritage is important and good ...
Ancestor Veneration In China
... Ancestral veneration in Chinese culture (Chinese 敬祖 pinyin jìngzǔ) is the practice of living family members who try to provide a deceased family member with ... Showing respect to ancestors is an ideology deeply rooted in Chinese society ... In a sense, the ancestors became thought of as deities who had the ability to interact and have an effect on the lives of those still living ...

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    It is evident, from their method of propagation, that a couple of cats, in fifty years, would stock a whole kingdom; and if that religious veneration were still paid them, it would, in twenty more, not only be easier in Egypt to find a god than a man, which Petronius says was the case in some parts of Italy; but the gods must at last entirely starve the men, and leave themselves neither priests nor votaries remaining.
    David Hume (1711–1776)

    In the core of God’s abysm,—
    Was a weed of self and schism;
    And ever the Daemonic Love
    Is the ancestor of wars,
    And the parent of remorse.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)