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Howard V. Hendrix - Selected Bibliography - Fiction - Short Fiction and Poetry
... Monuments of Unageing Intellect” (novelet) in Analog Science Fiction Science Fact (June 2009) “Flame of Branches” (short story) in vMeme21 (new media/multimedia ... (short story) in Aeon Speculative Fiction Magazine, Nov 2005 ... “The Self-Healing Sky” (short story) in Aeon Speculative Fiction Magazine, March 2005 ...
Theodore Sturgeon Award - Winners and Nominees
... Moffett, JudithJudith Moffett* "Surviving" Magazine of Fantasy Science Fiction !The Magazine of Fantasy Science Fiction 19872 !1987 Palwick, SusanSusan ... Le Guin "Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight" Fantasy Science Fiction 19882 !1988 Butler, Octavia E.Octavia E ... and the Night" Omni 19882 !1988 Williams, Walter JonWalter Jon Williams "Dinosaurs" Asimov's Science Fiction 19882 !1988 Forde, PatPat Forde "Gift" !"The Gift" Analog Science Fact Fiction 19882 !1988 Kelly ...
Gregory Benford - Bibliography - Short Stories
... Stand-In" The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (June 1965) "Representative From Earth" The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (January 1966) "Flattop" The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (May ... October 1970) "Inalienable Rite" Quark 1 (1970) "But the Secret Sits" Galaxy Science Fiction (March 1971) "Star Crossing", with Donald Franson If (March/April 1971) "Battleground", with Jim. 1979) Dark Sanctuary Omni (May 1979) The Endless Frontier (1979) The Best of Omni Science Fiction, No ...
Analog Science Fiction And Fact - Bibliographic Details - Timeline of Name Changes
... minor change, in the November issue of 1946 the name of the magazine was changed from Astounding Science-Fiction to Astounding SCIENCE FICTION, with the hyphen missing ... Years Name Editor 1931 ... ASTOUNDING STORIES OF SUPER-SCIENCE Harry Bates 1932 ... ASTOUNDING STORIES 1933 ASTOUNDING STORIES OF SUPER-SCIENCE 1933 – 1937 ASTOUNDING STORIES F. 1938 – 1941 ASTOUNDING SCIENCE-FICTION 1942 – 1946 ASTOUNDING ScienceFiction 1946 – 1960 Astounding SCIENCE FICTION 1960 Analogstounding Science Fact fiction a 1961 ... Analog Science Fact b ...
Ekaterina Sedia - Published Works - Short Fiction
... Alphabet Angels" (with David Bartell) in Analog Science Fiction and Fact (March 2005) "Smiling Vermin" (with David Bartell) in Analog Science Fiction and Fact (May ...

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    We can never safely exceed the actual facts in our narratives. Of pure invention, such as some suppose, there is no instance. To write a true work of fiction even is only to take leisure and liberty to describe some things more exactly as they are.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    When we say “science” we can either mean any manipulation of the inventive and organizing power of the human intellect: or we can mean such an extremely different thing as the religion of science the vulgarized derivative from this pure activity manipulated by a sort of priestcraft into a great religious and political weapon.
    Wyndham Lewis (1882–1957)