Anaerobic Bacteria

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Phospholipid-derived Fatty Acids - The PLFA Components of Soil Microbiota
... Actinomycetes are Gram-positive bacteria that are some of the most common bacteria in soil, freshwater and marine environments ... This group of bacteria produce distinctive biomarker fatty acids having a methyl branch at the 10th carbon, such as 160 10-methyl and 180 10-methyl ... Gram-positive bacteria include aerobic Bacillus species especially those related to B ...
Calculus (dental) - Clinical Significance
... the bacterial content consists mostly of aerobic bacteria and yeast, or those bacteria which utilize and can survive in an environment containing oxygen ... Subgingival plaque, however, is composed mainly of anaerobic bacteria, or those bacteria which cannot exist in an environment containing oxygen ... Anaerobic bacteria are especially dangerous to the gingiva and the gingival fibers that attach the teeth to the gums, leading to periodontitis ...

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    To the eyes of a god, mankind must appear as a species of bacteria which multiply and become progressively virulent whenever they find themselves in a congenial culture, and whose activity diminishes until they disappear completely as soon as proper measures are taken to sterilise them.
    Aleister Crowley (1875–1947)