AMMO may refer to:

  • The AMMO (US Air Force) Munitions Systems Specialist career field, as part of the United States Air Force
  • Ammunition as fired from projectile weapons, typically guns
  • Ammo (band)
  • Ammo (comics)

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... All songs written by Joey Ammo, except where noted. 356 "Hometown" - 405 "Rosslindale" - 503 "Booga" (Ammo, James Dennis) - 325 "Gash" - 304 "Circlejerk" - 240 "Soundking" - 351 "Friends" - 631 "Pervert" (Ammo, Berzerk ...
MG 81 Machine Gun - Specifications
... flash hider) Muzzle velocity 705 m/s (sS ammo), 760, 785 or 790 m/s, depending on ammo type Rate of fire 1400 - 1600 rpm (sS ammo) MG 81Z Weight 12.9 kg Length 915 mm (965 mm with flash ...
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... Further reading Ammo on Marvel Database, a Marvel Comics wiki Ammo at the Comic Book DB Ammo is a supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe ... Within the context of the stories, Ammo is a Vietnam veteran who raids a US armory during the blackout caused by the Fall of the Mutants ... Ammo leads the Wildboys during this attack ...
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... was formed in the early 1990s after a chance meeting in a Roslindale, MA bar between Ammo and Benway ... quickly covered backup vocals at a show that weekend at the Rathskellar in Boston, Ammo resurrected his original, jangly, three-piece sound heard on the original demo's ... With a disappointing performance from manager Barbone, and Ammo having problems with illness, and no record distribution in place Benway refused to ...